Are we not men? We are Danzas.
Together since birth and fueled by our shared love of bad jokes, good music, and Kung-Fu movies… We are The Danzas.


Brian – Bass & Vocals

Muppet lover, wearer of hats, beard-o, colonel of bass, family man, almost-rhymer, Lego maniac, capricornholio, dreamer of dreams, particle man

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Joe – Drums & Vocals

Basher, thrasher, junk kicker, sentimentalist, motorcyclist, progenitor of wild seed, brother without a banner, swinger of the big hammer, doer of the deed

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Tim – Guitar & Vocals

Picker, grinner, yodeler, dad, designer, developer, guitarist, photographer, audiophile, sagittarius, skeptic, gryffindor

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The Danzas Live
Coming soon to a stage near you.

We don’t have anything on the books right now, but check back often for updates.

Wanna play a show with The Danzas? Drop us a message on our FaceBook page, or shoot us an email at:, and let’s make it happen!



For the Fanzas
We should totally hang out sometime.
Want to get in touch, play a show, or share some rad cat videos? The internet is a magical place, and we’re all over that thing. You can email us directly at:, or stalk us using any of the social media sites all them kids are using today.

You can also proudly proclaim your Fanzadom with T-shirts and stickers from our pals over at RedBubble

We’re The Boss
Twelve tracks, twenty-six minutes, all rock.

Check out “We’re the Boss”, our full-length, self-produced 12 song album. Available via the fine retailers below and wherever awesome is sold!


Also, check out the RandyLand single now on iTunes