Are we not men? We are Danzas.
Together since birth and fueled by our shared love of bad jokes, good music, and Kung-Fu movies… We are The Danzas.


Brian – Bass & Vocals

Muppet lover, wearer of hats, beard-o, colonel of bass, family man, almost-rhymer, Lego maniac, capricornholio, dreamer of dreams, particle man

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Joe – Drums & Vocals

Basher, thrasher, junk kicker, sentimentalist, motorcyclist, progenitor of wild seed, brother without a banner, swinger of the big hammer, doer of the deed

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Tim – Guitar & Vocals

Picker, grinner, yodeler, dad, designer, developer, guitarist, photographer, audiophile, sagittarius, skeptic, gryffindor

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The Danzas Live
Coming soon to a stage near you.

We don’t have anything on the books right now, but check back often for updates.

Wanna play a show with The Danzas? Drop us a message on our FaceBook page, or shoot us an email at:, and let’s make it happen!



For the Fanzas
We should totally hang out sometime.
Want to get in touch, play a show, or share some rad cat videos? The internet is a magical place, and we’re all over that thing. You can email us directly at:, or stalk us using any of the social media sites all them kids are using today.

You can also proudly proclaim your Fanzadom with clothing and stickers from our pals over at RedBubble

Don’t Quit Your Day Job
It’s our second album, so it’s like the first album, but one more.

The follow-up to The Danzas’ critically ignored first album, We’re The Boss, Don’t Quit Your Day Job is a 17-song, kung-fu-geek-punk-fueled, thrill ride.